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Sorry, there was a problem. Maybe try reloading the page now? By seeing the images on this site, you agree to the cookie policy. Your feedback has been sent and will be reviewed shortly. Recent Posts Themida aur Soraya ke Saath Toofan mein Sarfarosh hot mein Paypal mein! This was what you required to know and we assume that this is what you want to find out. Here you can share your experience with other people.Q: How can I force firefox to select a value from a select list by clicking on the label? I have this select list: Choose... First Second Third And this js code: var a = document.getElementById("type"); a.onchange = function () { if( this.value === 1 ) alert("First!"); else if ( this.value === 2 ) alert("Second!"); else if ( this.value === 3 ) alert("Third!"); } Now what I want to do is to make firefox to select the "First" value by clicking on the label "First". I've already added the "focus" attribute to it. But nothing happens. How can I make it work? A: You can have your code to run when the dropdownlist is clicked (ie. not when the select is changed). ​ In your code, 'a' is the element that changes its value. Since




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Foto Bugil Artis Majalah Popular Indonesia Mega nedqua

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